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KWELTEC - FULLY AUTOMATIC FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM is a fully automatic fire suppression system, specifically designed for unmanned locations and where water damage is not an issue, i.e. refuse storage areas. The system is intelligent, after activation, the Kweltec System automatically resets ready for further incidents and therefore does not require manned attendance and reduces fire brigade call outs. The system can also be adapted to discharge other types of extinguishants. We have installed well over 400 systems in the waste storage areas of multi storey tower blocks for numerous councils & housing associations.

For unmanned locations. The system was originally designed for the automatic protection of unmanned refuse areas but it is suitable for other applications where detection of an unwanted condition requires automatic controlled action.

Important points:

  1. Does not lose initial settings even after removal and reinstatement of primary or secondary power supplies.
  2. Can easily be operated and/or reset by untrained personnel.
  3. Can be used to discharge extinguishant or operate ancillary devices such as pollution control fans.
  4. panel automatically resets after activation giving continuous protection.
  5. Auxiliary power output.
  6. As we manufacture we can tailor to your requirements.
  7. Easily set for double knock detection and timed discharge.

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