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Directional Signage

The regulations require employers to use a safety sign where there is a significant risk to health and safety that has not been avoided or controlled by methods under other relevant law, provided that use of a sign can help reduce risk.

Prestige Protec Systems supply and install a huge variety of signs covering a range of categories, from Fire Equipment and Exit Signs to Warning and Informational. Most signs are available in a choice of self-adhesive vinyl or 0.7mm rigid pvc, and many different sizes, ranging from 75 x 50mm to 600 x 450mm. If your specific requirement is not available then signs may also be made to order.

Fire Exit Signs

Important Notice: Fire Safety Signage has changed as a result of the European Directive 92/58 EEC, pertaining to The Health and Safety [Safety Signs and Signals] Regulations 1996, which no longer permits the use of Emergency Exit signs with text and directional arrows only. All such signs must now be accompanied by a Running Person Symbol.

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