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Prestige Protec Systems provides a comprehensive range of fire extinguishing systems, suitable applications include:-

  • Computer Suites
  • Telecommunications Facilities
  • Railway Signalling Centres
  • Archive Stores
  • Laboratories
  • Hotels - Kitchen Suppression Systems

HFC 227ea fire suppression systems are ideally suited to the protection of high value risks from both loss by fire damage and the accompanying
catastrophic plant down-time. HFC227ea is also known under the brand name FM200® from Great Lakes Chemical Corporation and
FE-227® from Du-Pont.

Many other agents are available, we will be pleased to provide further details.

Room Integrity Testing

To ensure the effectiveness of your Auto Fire Suppression System, testing the ‘integrity’ of the room is vital to ensure your protected area is well sealed and your agent will not escape, causing the fire to possibly re-ignite.

The effectiveness of an Auto Fire Suppression System can only by guaranteed by regular ongoing maintenance programme. As part of the annual system maintenance, integrity testing of the protected enclosure must be undertaken to ensure that, on discharge, the extinguishing agent achieves the correct concentration at the necessary height for the minimum required retention time.

ISO 14520/BS150 states that an enclosure protected by a gaseous extinguishing system must be integrity tested on an annual basis or when changes are made to the enclosure boundary such as new cable penetrations.

We will be pleased to take over existing systems and we would be pleased to discuss and give any advice you may require.

Refilling Cylinders

Systems may require refilling due to a false discharge caused by user error or a fault.

On these occasions it is imperative that the system is refilled as quickly as possible. Most of our manufacturers offer urgent refills following a discharge and some even offer service exchange for inert gas. Full cylinders are delivered to site and the empty ones are picked up, this ensures a quicker turnaround than having to refill the cylinders that have discharged.

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